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Angela Davids - Budgies: A Guide To Caring for Your Parakeet
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Angela Davids - «Budgies: A Guide To Caring for Your Parakeet»

Автор: Angela Davids
Название: Budgies: A Guide to Caring for Your Parakeet

Язык: Английский
Формат: .pdf
Количество страниц: 160
Размер: 9.50 MB
Год выпуска: 2011
Издательство: B..Tie Press
ISBN: 1935484656

Аннотация: Budgies are the perfect pets for beginning bird owners. They’re cute, small, and easy to car for. This handy resource explains everything you need to know about these small birds with big personalities, including talking training tips! Budgies is filled with invaluable information on choosing, caring for, and keeping your feathered companion healthy, happy, and living longer. Some of the helpful information you’ll find inside includes:

· Tips on Choosing the Right Pet

· Helpful Resource Guide

· Emergency First Aid Tips

· Fun Activities and Tricks

· Simple Training Tips

· Diet and Nutrition

· Communicating with Your Pet

· 100 Full-Color Photos

· And Much More . . .

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