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Dirk Van den Abeele-«Lovebirds. Owners manual»
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Dirk Van den Abeele - «Lovebirds. Owners manual and reference guide»

Автор: Dirk Van den Abeele
Название: Lovebirds. Owners manual and reference guide
Язык: Английский
Формат: .pdf
Количество страниц: 297
Размер: 65,7 мб
Год выпуска: 2005
Издательство: About pets
ISBN: 1852792469

Аннотация: An expert in the field has written a detailed and beautifully illustrated handbook dealing with all species and sub-species of Lovebirds (Agapornis), including the Gray-headed Lovebird (A. canus), Abyssinian Lovebird (A. taranta), Red-faced Lovebird (A. pullarius), Black-collared Lovebird (A. swindernianus), Peach-faced Lovebird (A. roseicollis), Masked Lovebird (A. personatus), Fischer's Lovebird (A. fischeri), Black-cheeked Lovebird (A. nigrigenis), and Nyasa Lovebird (A. lilianae). Chapters include purchase, feeding, caging, care, health, and exhibitions. Special attention is paid to breeding and color mutations, including a comprehensive study of all existing mutations plus the latest color mutations and results of all sorts of possible combinations between the different mutations. This is the only Lovebird book that deals with genetics and mutations thoroughly and in detail, with 500 color photos.

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