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Paul Carter - «Parrot»
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Paul Carter - «Parrot»

Автор: Paul Carter
Название: Parrot
Язык: eng
Формат: pdf
Количество страниц: 213
Размер: 2,1 mb
Год выпуска: 1951
Издательство: reaktion books ltd
ISBN: 1861892373

Аннотация: Say ‘parrot’, and most people think they know what you mean. Writing this book, I found saying parrot was a great conversation opener. It sounds like a joke, it breaks the ice, and before you know where you are, everyone has a parrot story to tell. One anecdote leads to another; there are giggles and guffaws; it’s like a party of galahs. But go a little deeper and ask your friends what image of parrots they have, and it’s a different matter. Is it a blue and yellow macaw that comes to mind? Or a cockatoo? Or a budgerigar? A green parrot or a grey one? Or does some kind of overall parrot flash up in the mind’s eye when we start telling stories about these extraordinary creatures that talk like us?.

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